• Brian Curry

The Power of 10

In this election, connecting with people is a challenge. My understanding is that around 43% of the population of Germantown is over the age of 60. In this COVID world we live in, that is a pretty large vulnerable population. So how do you get the word out during these times?

I'm here, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and trying to get creative in getting the word out. As of today, we are 75 days to the election and 55 days to the start of early voting. Where do you come in? That's the power of 10! Think of 10 people that you know that might not be paying attention to any of this. It could be 10 friends, 10 people you go to church with, 10 people from your school. However you get there, if you called at least 10 of your contacts, the word gets out quickly. If 100 of my supporters reached out to 10 people, that's 1000 people reached. You probably can do more than 10 without even thinking about it! If I call people, they think I'm calling about their car warranty expiring. If people know you, they'll take your call. It makes all of the difference. People ask how they can help and this is probably the best way. There is a lot at stake in this election. I hope that you can reach out to 10 and really help make the difference!

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