Brian's Key 3

We have a lot going well in the district.  We have fantastic teachers, great schools, PTOs that provide unbelievable support and excellent fine arts and athletics!  We need to keep all of that going.  If you were to narrow down to 3 areas I would like to see us improve, here are my Key 3:



Establish a better working relationship with the city to ensure the funding needs of the district are met, to ensure a better Germantown

  • The city recently removed funding for a much-needed expansion of Houston Middle School. The $5 million that was budgeted and approved was removed and pushed until FY2022.  Additionally, the $5 million has now been reduced to $2.5 million, likely making the expansion out of reach for the district. While the city has done good things for our schools, it's not unreasonable to say that we need to do better.  

  • The Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) and the School Board need to meet to ensure alignment on the needs of our district.  There is absolutely no question that the fortunes of the city are tied to having a strong school system.  I recognize that and I know most of our residents understand this, also.     

Be proactive and not reactive to issues

  • Better communication with parents.  Understand concerns and make sure that we work to prevent the issues, rather than putting out fires after the fact. Being proactive in our approach to problem solving is key to our stakeholders having confidence in our district.  

  • Strengthen our virtual learning and make certain it's not only viable, but a superior offering and give parents the confidence that this is the best option during these times.  

  • Listen to our teachers and our PTOs.  What are they seeing that we need to address?  Our teachers are on the front lines with our children and our PTOs are deeply involved with the schools.  Why wouldn't we listen to those who know the most?

​A strong board = strong school system

  • Our board needs to lead from a position of strength and not out of fear.  We have one of the top school systems in the state, let's lead accordingly!

  • Recognize that while we do a lot of great things, there is always room for improvement.  I want us to create a culture of continuous improvement, where we understand that failures are opportunities and work to get better.  This needs to be reflected in our strategic plans.  This isn't a slogan.  This is engaging our team at all levels and doing analysis to find ways to improve. 

  • Our board needs a diversity of opinion.  My business background in operations adds a perspective that is not represented on our board .  A strong board values different perspectives and embraces them.